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About us

Great British Air Shows offer the complete air-side Air Show and Air Display Management Service. We willingly shoulder both the extensive organisation and responsibilities required when arranging public and private air shows/displays, alleviating you of these time consuming and legal burdens.

How we operate

Often, arranging even a minor air show/display (let alone a major one!) is both daunting and time consuming with a minefield of rules and regulations, paperwork and agencies to deal with.

Working to the budget you set, we handle that necessary paperwork, deal with the appropriate authorities, and source and arrange a variety of flying display items (acts) that will be complementary to your event. We treat each air show/display as a unique opportunity; we have full access to UK Civil Air Display and UK Military participants.

We also provide air-to-ground communications (equipment and controllers), risk assessments, plans, (and even fire and paramedic cover if required), to a level appropriate for the size of your event.

Commentary can also be provided (including "talk-through" with certain pilots during their displays in certain circumstances). Our commentators not only offer facts and figures, but more importantly give that "personal touch" making the whole experience more intimate for your audience.

And yes, we can even provide a specialist photographer for your show to capture the ultimate airshow experience for your publicity material (present and future).

In other words - we have all the necessary contacts and expertise!

For clarity, we manage the activities required for the air-side elements to take place. Other ground-based attractions remain the organisers responsibility, but we can advise on requirements, and certainly on how the ground events must integrate with the air-side display.

Our credentials

In order for us to organise and manage your air show/display as professionally as we do, as you would expect, the whole GB Air Show team are experts in their field. Everyone comes highly recommended to us, and we come highly recommended to you, our customer.

Our team comprises of key personnal who will each have a role in the organisation of your display;

  • A Flying Display Director (FDD) is both a legal and vital requirement on-site. Our FDD has experience of displays of all sizes, and is CAA approved to fulfil that role.
  • Current and active Flying Display Pilots in our team ensure the acts we choose meet our high expectations, and suitability for your event.
  • Our licensed Air Traffic Controllers are capable of satisfying display radio communications needs in a professional manner.
  • Experienced Flying Control Committee personnel fulfil the requirement at larger displays where multiple ground presence along the Display Lines are needed (we make use of current and ex-Flying Display Pilots at our disposal who fulfil this role on-site).
  • Finally, we have extensive experience in show safety requirements from written risk assessments through to on-site Fire and Medical cover.

Quality guaranteed

We realise you're trusting us with the repuation of your air show. That's why we make absolutely sure we cover every aspect we can think of, and make every contingency possible, to ensure not just a successful show, but one that your audience will find hard to forget for all the right reasons!

All of the team are professionals in their field, and as an organisation, we encourage knowledge sharing. To enable this, we make sure information and arrangements are reviewed internally at every opportunity to iron out any discrepancies, and more importantly, to make sure we have the best arrangements and programme for your show.

In our eyes, there is no such thing as a "standard show". We treat each event on an individual basis, making each unique for you, our customer.